Koorosh-e Bozorg
Koorosh (Cyrus) The Great

Ancient Iranians never celebrated one's birthday or mourn one's death. They believed that everyone comes to this world and leaves one day.  What mattered to them was what one's did to make his or her life worthwhile!

The world's first declaration of Human Rights

Koorosh (Cyrus) the Great clay cylinder

Koorosh (Cyrus) the Great (600 - 529 BCE) the pride of Iranian people was a towering figure in the history of mankind.  He Koorosh, the king of kings was the first Hakhamaneshian (Achaemenian) emperor of ancient Iran who issued a decree on his aims and policies, later hailed as his charter of the rights of nations. Inscribed on a clay cylinder, this decree is known to be the first declaration of human rights and is now kept at the British Museum.  A replica of this charter is also at the United Nations in New York.  It symbolizes “multiculturalism,” a word coined to express not only the peaceful coexistence in one land of people from different backgrounds and cultures, but a doctrine of diversity that is the foundation of advanced societies today. Koorosh (Cyrus) the Great will be remembered forever.

Western World has a vast unpaid debt to the Iranian (Persian) Civilization!

Koorosh (Cyrus) the Great will be remembered forever!

"We are children of Koorosh (Cyrus) The Great"

It is time to connect to Iran's Past and Iran's Future!
Time to be ONE NATION, UNITED once again!
Dorood to Iran, Iranians and Farhange Iran

It's time for Iranians to be true Iranian!