29th anniversary of the 1979 Islamic Tazi Arabs takeover of Iran
The repeat of "Darkest Era" in Iranian History



February 11, 2008 - Persian speaking Islamic Tazi Arab Mullahs celebrated 29 years hostile takeover of Iran for the second time in Iranian history. They forced government employees under their rule to gather in Shahyaad Square to demonstrate against the free world condemning US and Israel but nothing against their British masters. Since 1979, these Islamic Tazi Arab terrorists have committed physical and cultural genocide inflicting the worst barbaric crimes and atrocity against Iranian people. The brutality of this regime has created immense pressures in Iranian society signifying social injustice and has let to the rise of social ills such as poverty, child molestation, child trafficking, prostitution, sexual slavery, harassment, selling body parts, brainwashing, dismemberment, stoning,  public hanging, discrimination, false imprisonment, drug distribution, aid, cholera, homelessness, joblessness, family abuse, hunger, depression, suicide and more.

Down with the Islamic terrorist regime of occupied Iran
14 Centuries of occupation and destruction of Iran by Islamic Terrorist Tazi Mullahs must come to end this year!

It is time to Unite and Free IRAN!
Free IRAN means End to the World Terrorism
 Time for IRANIANS to be IRANIAN