5000-Years-Old Qare-Kand Site Flattened by the Islamic Terrorist Mullah Occupiers of Iran

March 1, 2009The Bronze Age sites of Qare-Kand has been completely obliterated due the construction of a military base by the Islamic Republic’s Revolutionary Guards for the Basij Paramilitary Corp. in the area.  No action to stop this cultural obliteration, was taken by the authorities at the Iran Cultural Heritage, Handicraft and Tourism Organization (ICHHTO), reported the Persian service of CHN on Saturday.

The 5000-years-old Iranian site which was considered as one of the most important Bronze Age Sites in northwestern mainland Iran was registered on the Iranian National Heritage List (No 537). The historical site is one of the villages in the town of Bukan on the way to Mahabad, in West Azarbaijan Province. As the result of this destruction of Iranian heritage, all the secrets and the archaeological data’s of the site, which dates back from 4th millennium BCE to 1500 BCE have been lost forever.

The construction of the military base began over three years ago and despite the public outrage and constant complaints from the Friends of Cultural Heritage, the ICHHTO’s authorities chose to ignore them by not taking any action therefore the AGIR continued their destruction of the site.

“Despite all the efforts by the Friends of Cultural Heritage Society, the project  began and its’ destruction is a great shock to all of us, especially when we were hearing constant insurances from the cultural authorities”, said Amir-Kadkhoda Mohamadi, one of the executives of the Society of Friends of the Historical Heritage (Izriyarto).  He added “our three years of continuous efforts have been unfruitful because of the lack of support from ICHHTO. If we had received any support from our cultural authorities, we today would not witness this devastation.”

Mohamadi expressed his concerns and concluded “we are not sure if the cultural heritage authorities want to take this matter seriously, or will take appropriate actions to prevent future construction over the historical and heritage sites.” According to the report, Sardār-Aziz Khān Fortress site, date back to 1st millennium BCE, is likely to be the next victim with the same fate as Qare-Kand.

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