The making of more Islamic Mullah Terrorists in occupied Iran!


Islamic Tazi Mullah terrorists are getting worried and are increasing their presence in the Iranian society. They are promoting intimidation tactics in Iran and are spreading terrorism and fundamentalism around the world. Over 90 percent of terrorist acts committed in the past two decades were carried out by Iran's clerical regime, its surrogates or those who have grown in the swamp of terror created by this regime. Islamic fundamentalism and its sinister twin, terrorism, will remain the main global threat so long as their capital, the mullahs' regime in Tehran remains intact.

When Iran becomes free, Iranian people are best force against Islamic Mullah Tazi terrorists

Free Iran means end to the world terrorism!
True Iranians will no longer accept being occupied by Taziz and their barbaric beliefs!

It is time for Iranians to unite and free Iran
Time for Iranian to be true Iranian!