Bam, Iran
Four years after devastating earthquake caused by Tazi Mullah's covert underground nuclear test!

No shelter, no food, no water, no electricity but Mosque  

Tazi Mullahs covert mission to survive: Terrorize people in Iran and all over the world, make global threats, continue nuclear ambitions, conduct more underground nuclear tests and connect them to earthquakes, destroy Iranian ancient history where possible, and build more Islamic Mosques

The devastating Bam earthquake on December 26, 2003 that caused severe damage to valuable human life, property and destroyed a 2000 years old ancient Bam Citadel in Iran was probably caused by Mullah's covert nuclear explosion near Pakistan's border. This covert operation was Tazi Mullah's clear mission to continue their nuclear ambitions and systematically destroying Iranian ancient history throughout Iran as they did with Sivand Dam and Pasargad. 

Were Iranian earthquakes caused by a covert nuclear test? 


14 Centuries of occupation and destruction by Islamic terrorists Tazi Mullahs must come to end this year!

It is time to unite and free Iran

It is time for Iranians to be true Iranian