Jashne Kaveh Ahangar
Ancient Iranian Victory Celebration
The triumph of good over evil
21 Mehr Maah 6372
Shahanshahi (Federalism)

Jashne Kaveh Ahangar is a great ancient Iranian victory celebration that reflects the rich cultural heritage of Iran and commemorates the triumph of good over evil.  Ancient Iranians celebrated this day as a national independence day. Kaveh Ahangar the blacksmith, a true Iranian national hero who first appeared in Iran's national epic Shahnameh Ferdowsi as a freedom fighter who united Iranian people and liberated Iran from an oppressive tyrant named Zahake Tazi. As a symbol of resistance and unity, he raised his leather apron on a spear, known as the Derafsh-e Kaviani and lead the Iranian people to a great victory and re-established monarchy of King Fereydoon Shah.  After this great victory Derafsh-e Kaviani was declared the Iranian national flag and was decorated with the most precious jewels becoming the symbol of independence, resistance, resilience, pride, prosperity and happiness for the  Iranian people. To this date, Derafsh-e Kaviani remains an important motif in Iranian art, history and culture.

Happy Jashne Kaveh Ahangar to all true Iranians
Derafsh-e Kaviani, ancient Iranian flag before Arab invasion is the most powerful symbol of Iranian history and culture.  If we stand behind this flag we shall free Iran!

Dorood to Iran and Farhange Iran
It's time for Iranians to be true Iranian!