Jashne Sizdeh-bedar

Iranian New Year festivities will end on the 13th day known as Sizdeh-bedar. The 13th day of the Iranian New Year is spent mostly outdoors. People will leave their homes to go to the parks for a festive picnic. It is a must to spend Sizdeh-bedar in nature.  People believe that by going into the fields and parks they avoid misfortunes. All kinds of food and delicacies are prepared with tea, drinks, fruits, bread, cheese and fresh herbs. The occasion is a communal one and all close relatives and friends will participate. There is music and dancing while most people will play games and sports. It is also believed that unwed girls can wish for a husband by going into the fields and tying a knot. The picnic ends with the setting of the sun.

Happy Jashne Sizdeh-bedar to all true Iranians around the world

May this new year bring freedom, peace and pride back to Iran