Jashne Gole Niloufar
Ancient Iranian Celebration
 6 Teer Maah 6372
Shahanshahi (Federalism)

Jashne Gole Niloufar is a wonderful ancient Iranian celebration that reflects the rich cultural heritage of Iran. According to historians, Jashne Gole Niloufar originated during Achaemenian dynasty, which dates back more than 2500 years ago. Ancient Iranians focused and respected nature and for that reason all Iranian celebrations are in sync with natural cycles and astronomy. This beautiful flower called "Gole Niloufar" blossoms at the beginning of summer. Its beauty and warm colors with twelve leaves were believed to represent twelve months of the year. Gole Niloufar was passionately loved by ancient Iranians especially women. Inspired by beauty of Gole Niloufar, Achaemenian Royal Queens, women artists and designers directed the best stone workers of that era to create impression of this flower on almost all stone borders of historical and decorative areas at the various palaces particularly at Parseh (Persepolis palace) in Iran which took nearly a century to complete.


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