Newly Discovered Iran's Khark Island Achaemenid Inscription Destroyed by Mullah Taziz



June 2, 2008 - Terrorist Islamic Tazi Mullahs are destroying invaluable assets of the Iran cultural heritage.  The newly discovered Achaemenid stone inscription of Khark Island in Iran was seriously damaged by Terrorist Islamic Tazi mullahs.  Tazi Mullahs climbed the fence surrounding the cuneiform inscription and destroyed it with a chisel, such that about 70 percent of the inscription has been destroyed. 


The cuneiform inscription, which has been incised on a piece of uneven rock encrusted with coral. The irreplaceable relic was discovered during a road construction project on the Island in the Persian Gulf in mid-November 2007. The rock, measuring 85x116cm, has become detached from its original terrain.  The project was halted for a time because the rock prevented the project managers from continuing their work and finally they were forced to change the route. Shortly after its discovery, the inscription was deciphered by an Iranian expert who made the following translation: (This) land was a dry area with no water; I brought happiness, welfare, and water wells.  Experts had previously said that the inscription was important since it was another piece of evidence that confirms the word Persian for the Persian Gulf.  The discovery of the inscription sparked a media frenzy in the Arab mini-states of the Persian Gulf, where efforts were made to cast doubt on its authenticity. 


The destruction of the Achaemenid inscription in Khark Island represents the latest in a series of destructions that appears to be aimed at systematically destroying pre-Islamic Iranian heritage sites by Terrorist Islamic Tazi mullahs.

True Iranians will not forget these crimes that have been committed against our nation


14 Centuries of occupation and destruction by Terrorist Islamic Tazi Mullahs must come to end this year!

It is time for IRANIANS to be True IRANIAN