Another Environmental Disaster in Iran

Islamic Mullah Era ( July 2008 )                                                                                Pahlavi Era ( July 1978 )

Zayandeh- rood - Esfehan, Iran

July 2008- Esfehan, Iran - It is without doubt another huge environmental disaster in Iran.  Zayandeh-rood, a critical and life-sustaining famous river passing through 500 years old Khajoo bridge has been dangerously contaminated by oil, industrial wastes and chemicals that are being illegally dumped at its banks. As a result of negligence by corrupt Mullah's regime, the contaminated water has caused catastrophic and adverse environmental impact with major consequences. Thousands of fish have died and vital resources including environmental sensitive areas along the river banks have been destroyed.

Since the rise of theocratic-totalitarian regime to power in 1979, the anti-Iranian Islamic Arab regime is systematically destroying Iran and its resources.  As the result, many environmentally sensitive areas and bodies of water along with historical and archaeological sites have been devastated. In general, the occupying Islamic Arab  regime has been trying to destroy Iranian way of life and all Iran's resources at any cost.

True Iranians must no longer remain silent!
It is time to Unite and Free IRAN
14 Centuries of occupation and destruction by Islamic Tazi Mullahs must come to end this year!

It is time for IRANIANS to be True IRANIAN