Ecological catastrophe in the Persian Gulf

November 2008 - Bandar Abbas, Iran - It is without a doubt another huge environmental disaster for Iran and Iranian people. Persian Gulf, a key waterway for region's oil exports is heavily contaminated. Many oil spills in recent years, industrial wastes and chemicals that are regularly being dumped in the waterway or at its shores are rapidly poisoning and contaminating the entire Persian Gulf.  Oil-related activities, regular sewage release, heavy shipping navigation, the presence of military fleets and submarines -- and that pollution is killing or poisoning wildlife, including fish presumably destined for human consumption with adverse consequences on human health and livelihood. Many of local populations of corals and fishes have been destroyed in recent years. Persian Gulf is 47 times more polluted than what is described as the "standard level."





As a result of negligence by corrupt Mullah's regime, the contaminated waterway has caused catastrophic and adverse environmental impact with major consequences for Iran and Iranian people.  Vital resources including environmental sensitive areas along the Persian Gulf shores have been destroyed. 

During the Persian Gulf War, Saddam Hussein deliberately released over 500 million gallons of crude oil into the Persian Gulf from tankers 10 mi off Kuwait.  Spill had little military significance but caused a major environmental disaster in the area. On Feb. 2007, Norooz oil field platform spilled 80 million gallons of oil in Persian Gulf. On July 15, 2008 oil sludge containing oil byproducts seeped out of damaged containers. A month later 79 dolphins washed ashore near the smaller port of Jask.  High levels of pollution and an oil spill are being blamed for the recent deaths of dolphins and whales off Iran's Hormozegan Province, on the Persian Gulf.

Since the rise of theocratic-totalitarian regime to power in 1979, the anti-Iranian Islamic Tazi Arab regime is systematically destroying Iran and its resources.  As the result, many environmentally sensitive areas and bodies of water along with historical and archaeological sites have been devastated.  In general, the occupying Islamic Tazi Arab regime has been trying to destroy Iranian way of life and all Iran's resources at any cost.

True Iranians must no longer remain silent
It is time to Unite and Free IRAN
14 Centuries of occupation and destruction by Islamic Tazi Mullahs must come to end this year!

It is time for IRANIANS to be True IRANIAN