Mullahs are destroying tomb of Koorosh the Great under disguise of restoration project

Moisture damages at the City of Pasargad, the oldest capital of the ancient Hakhamaneshi empire


August 08, 2008 - The tomb of Koorosh the Great, the founder of greatest Empires ever seen, the first Hakhamaneshi (Achaemenid) king to have introduced a universal declaration of human rights is gradually being destroyed by anti-Iranian Islamic Arab regime. Though the city of Pasargad, the oldest capital of the ancient Hakhamaneshi empire is a ruin, Koorosh the Great's tomb which is a major symbol of Iran's pre-Islamic heritage has remained largely intact for more than 2500 years. The barbaric Islamic regime has denounced the Koorosh's legendary greatness as a "Jewish myth" in a book called The False Cyrus. Koorosh (Cyrus) is revered in Jewish history for freeing the Jews exiled in Babylon and ordering the rebuilding of their temple in Jerusalem after the Babylonian king Nebuchadnezzar destroyed it. Cyrus's deeds are extolled in the Old Testament's book of Ezra. 

Since the rise of barbaric Islamic Mullah's regime to power in 1979, the anti-Iranian Arab regime has taken many measures to destroy most archaeological sites significant to Iran's glorious past.  On February 2006, scaffoldings were placed around the tomb of Koorosh the Great to restore the stones of this historical pre-Islamic ancient monument, but more than two years has passed and the project has not been completed yet. In the meantime, the nearby Sivand dam which started operation in 2006 has increased moisture damages in the air and threatens this monument. According to the local concerned Iranians, humidity levels inside the tomb has increased significantly. A damp odor in the air and traces of moisture surrounding the footing of the structure and on the walls has some of Iran's cultural heritage activists worried.


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