Battle of Ghadesiyeh 1,428 years ago in Iran!

Iranian "Tisphone Palace" in the capital city of ancient Iran (today's Iraq) which was destroyed by the Islamic Arab Taziz

14 Centuries ago the great land of Iran, home to the greatest ancient civilization; home to the best philosophers such as Zartosht with philosophy of good thoughts , good words and good deeds; home to the world first human rights charter declared by Koorosh (Cyrus) the great; home to greatest poets, mathematicians, artist and scientists was brutally attacked and invaded by the barbaric hungry desert-living Islamic Arab Taziz who had nothing to lose but everything to gain.

These barbaric Arab Taziz massacred Iranian people, committed the worst atrocities by beheading more that 7 million Iranians after they defeated and conquered Tisphone (today's Iraq), capital city of Iran.  These Arab Taziz  forced women and children to become their slaves, looted and burned many cities, libraries and palaces including Tisphone palace.  They confiscated people's belongings and stole everything they could on camels.  Ultimately they remained in Iran by killing and beheading more than 70 million Iranians and forcing their way of life upon them that has lasted until today.


The true picture of Tazi Arab Muslim Caliph Imam Ali, the sun-in-law of Muhammad

Imam Ali's son, Imam Hussein the grandson of Muhammad

Arab actors performing Tazieh, a traditional theater scene about Imam Hussein


Translation in English:  We are from the tribe of Quraysh and are supporters are Arabs and our enemies are Iranians. Its is clear that any Arab is better than and has higher standing than any Iranian and any Iranian is worst than our worst enemy. You must capture them and take them to Medina, their woman must be sold and their men must be used as servants and slaves of Arabs.

Hussein Ebn Ali (son of Ali), the third Imam of Shia Muslims - from: Safinatol bahar va madinatol ahkam va al-assar -  Source: Haj Sheikh Abbas Qummi. page 164


It is time to think about dark events of history 14 centuries ago!

Unleash the power and be changed forever!

14 Centuries of Occupation and Destruction by Islamic Terrorist Mullah Taziz must come to end this year!

We are the survivors of Arab Muslim invaders of Iran
We are the defenders of ancient Iranian History and Culture

It is time to unite and free Iran

"The crown of Islamic Arab values simply does not fit the Iranians.  It never has and it never will!"

14 centuries of occupation and destruction by Terrorist Islamic Mullah Taziz must come to end this year!

It is time for IRANIANS to be True IRANIAN