Iranian Heritage For Sale
Persian artifacts, more victims of Islamic Terrorist regime of Iran

February 2009 - Over 600 archeologists and scholars have petitioned to US President against selling the loaned Persepolis tablets. Thousands of ancient clay tablets containing information about the life and languages of the people of the Persian Empire were discovered in Persepolis, Iran, in 1933 by archeologists of the Oriental Institute of Chicago University and were lent to this institute due to its request to carry out more studies on them. These clay tablets which bear cuneiform inscriptions recording administrative details of the Persian Empire are more than 2500 years old, through which historians were able to find detailed information about the lifestyle of the people who lived in Iran centuries ago. 300 pieces of these tablets have been returned to Iran and were probably sold by Tazi Mullahs in the European black market.  The dispute broke out in July 2006 when an American Federal Judge ordered the tablets to be confiscated and auctioned in order to compensate the Israeli victims of the 1997 Jerusalem bombing.  While the US Justice Department has released three statements saying the tablets should not be seized, another lawyer is trying to confiscate the relics to compensate more than 150 families of 241 US service members killed in the 1983 suicide bombing of a Marines barracks in Beirut.

This shameful display of incompetence and ignorance of the Islamic terrorist Tazi Arab Mullah occupiers of Iran represents the latest in a series of destructions that appears to be aimed at systematically planning and destroying pre-Islamic Iranian heritage.

True Iranians must no longer remain silent!
It is time to Unite and Free IRAN
  14 Centuries of occupation and destruction by Islamic Terrorist Tazi Mullahs must come to end this year!

It is time for IRANIANS to be True IRANIAN