Jashne Abangah
One of many Celebrations of Ancient Iranians

Celebration of Nature
Festival of season and appreciation for "Water"
Caring, sharing, and thinking of others!

Ancient Iranians were natural environmentalists

Iranians cherish the four main elements of life:  Air, Water, Soil and Fire

True Iranians celebrate 365 days a year
True Iranians commemorate twelve traditional monthly and four main seasonal celebrations along with many more special occasions throughout the year
All these celebrations are directly in tune with nature and change in seasons

In Persian Aab means water and Aban means body of water

Jashne Abangah is a celebration in the month of Aban dedicated to recognition and appreciation of water and the magnificent power of life that it sustains

Happy Jashne Abangah to all Iranians

It is time for Iranians to be Iranian!