Jashne Tirgan
Ancient Iranian Celebration

 13 Teer Maah 6372
Shahanshahi (Federalism)

Arash the Swift-arrowed, and in modern Persian, known as Arash-e Kamangir) was the best archer in the Iranian army. When Manouchehr and Afrasiyab determined to make peace and to fix the boundary between Iran and Turan, 'it was stipulated that Arash should ascend Mount DamÔvand, and from thence discharge an arrow towards the east; and that the place in which the arrow fell should form the boundary between the two kingdoms. Arash thereupon ascended the mountain, and discharged towards the east an arrow, the flight of which continued from the dawn of day until noon, when it fell on the banks of the Jeyhun.' -

Source: www.cais-soas.com

Dorood to Arash-e Kamangir, national Iranian hero

Happy "Jashne Tirgan" to all true Iranians around the world

Dorood to Iran, Iranians and Farhange Iran
It is time for IRANIANS to be True IRANIAN