Obama’s Message to Iran called an Insult to Real Iranians

Posted on March 21st, 2009, by Alicia Colon - New York Sun Columnist

For the past two years I’ve been in touch with an Iranian dissident whom I contact whenever I need an accurate translation of his language. The president’s message to Iran was issued with Persian subtitles that I suspected might not be precise.


He assured me that while the translation was accurate, the message itself had infuriated the Iranian people who are not in league with the mullahs who wish to destroy their Persian heritage. I have his permission to provide my readers with his reaction:


I can tell you that many Iranians are infuriated with the message, as am I. Iranians do not think that the Islamic regime of Iran is their government. They look at it as an occupying army of Muslim killers determined to destroy what Muhammad and his killers could not do for 1400 years. The mullahs have done all they can to prevent people from celebrating the Norooz and a dozen other celebrations such as Charshanbeh-Soori (the fire festival) for the last 30 years. They hate and try to destroy the Iranian culture, like they did in all other previously none Muslim countries. But the more they try to stop the many celebrations in Iran the more the people resist. Historically the Arab Muslim invaders tried to ban the Norooz celebrations from the beginning, but we paid them lots of tax to keep it alive. Norooz is an Iranian celebrations and Islamist mullah occupiers see it as a nationalistic unifying force that has nothing to do with their agenda, what the heck is this guy talking about…said Babak Iran.


My friend also sent further evidence and quotes that the mainstream media and our government obviously have ignored.


“”we do not worship Iran we worship Allah. for patriotism is another name for paganism, I say let this land (Iran) burn. I say let this land go up in smoke, provided Islam emerges triumphant in the rest of the world.”
                                                                  Ruhollah Musavi Khomeini
“We are from the tribe of Quraysh and are supporters are Arabs and our enemies are Iranians. It is clear that any Arab is better than and has higher standing than any Iranian and any Iranian is worst than our worst enemy. You must capture them and take them to Medina, their woman must be sold and their men must be used as servants and slaves of Arabs.


Hussein Ebn Ali (son of Ali), the third Imam of Shia Muslims - from: Safinatol bahar va madinatol ahkam va al-assar -  Source: Haj Sheikh Abbas Qummi. page 164″
 “Alicia, Islamic Tazi Mullah’s want nothing more than the destruction of Iranian culture. To call the mullahs leaders of Iran is an insult to Iranians and their culture.  The term Islamic and republic are not compatible- for Islam gets its authority from Allah and Sharia law and the republic from the people. To say “Iranian election” like the western media dose is an intellectual crime against the Iranian people. The prerequisite of an election is the freedom for people to choose their candidates and not a handful of fascistic Mullahs
Any negotiations with Tazi Mullahs occupying Iran, is an attempt to further defraud the great people of Iran -and the people know it. Obama, should have directed his message to the people rather than legitimizing the Mullahs by calling them leaders.”


Iran and its people have a rich Persian culture and its renaissance is considered very dangerous to the ruling mullahs. I encourage all my readers to surf the net for Persian Renaissance.


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