Travel Pictorial
Friends visit the remain of Iranian "Tisphone Palace" in the capital city of ancient Iran (today's Iraq) during Sasanian Dynasty, 1428 years ago!


The ruined vault of Iran's ancient Tisphone palace, which boasts the highest single-span brick arch in the world

14 Centuries ago the great land of Iran, home to the greatest ancient civilization; home to the best philosophers such as Zartosht with philosophy of good thoughts , good words and good deeds; home to the world first human rights charter declared by Koorosh (Cyrus) the great; home to greatest poets, mathematicians, artist and scientists was brutally attacked and invaded by the barbaric hungry desert-living Islamic Arab Taziz who had nothing to lose but everything to gain.

These barbaric Arab Taziz massacred Iranian people, committed the worst atrocities by beheading more that 7 million Iranians after they defeated and conquered Tisphone (today's Iraq), capital city of Iran.  These Arab Taziz  forced women and children to become their slaves, looted and burned many cities, libraries and palaces including Tisphone palace.  They confiscated people's belongings and took everything they could on camels.  Eventually they remained in Iran by killing and beheading more people and forcing their way of life upon Iranians that has lasted until today.

14 Centuries of occupation and destruction by terrorist Islamic Tazi Mullahs must come to end this year!

It is time for IRANIANS to be True IRANIAN!