Terrorist Ahmadinejad attending Arab Summit
Billions more in donations to allies and supporters of Islamic terrorist regime!

Arab neighbors cannot be happier!

December 3, 2007 - Tazi Islamic Terrorist Ahmadinejad arrives in Doha, Qatar, to attend the Summit of the Persian Gulf Cooperation Council (PGCC). The Arab states have invited Terrorist Ahmadinejad to their summit as a guest.  

Tazi mullah Islamic terrorist occupiers of ancient Iran are giving away billions in donations to Persian Gulf Arab neighbors, Iraq, Syria, Palestine (Al-Qaeda, Hezbollah, Hammas), and other countries including Venezuela, Cuba, Azerbaijan, Sudan, Sir Lanka to establish allies for their terrorist agendas.  Ahmadinejad presented 12 proposals for consolidating ties and security with Arab neighbors based on Islamic beliefs. "We offer free water and natural gas to our neighbors", Ahmadinejad said.  The Islamic terrorist occupiers of Iran signed an agreement to supply Bahrain with free gas last month and have promised more assistance to weak Muslim countries.  Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain and Oman are members of the PGCC.

Ironically in today's occupied Iran, according to one of the terrorist occupiers, Mohammad Abbaspour a member of Tazi Islamic terrorist parliament "90 percent of the country's population are living under the poverty line and only ten percent of the people have access to social services provided by the government. In the past 25 years, we have witnessed immense pressures in society, indicating social injustice. This phenomenon has led to the rise of social ills such as homeless tramps, higher divorce rates, poverty, and prostitution", he said.


Ancient Iran has been invaded and occupied by Taziz for over 14 Centuries
It is all IRANIAN's moral and patriotic obligation to come together and help liberating Motherland from Mullah Taziz once and forever!
IRAN needs our Help!
Together and United, we can make a difference!

It is time to Unite and Free IRAN!
Free IRAN means End to the World Terrorism
 Time for IRANIANS to be IRANIAN