Anjoman-e Padeshahi-e Iran is the Assembly for Restoring the Constitutional Parliamentary Monarchy of Iran. We are proud to come from a Great country of Art and Culture.


Since the Islamic Regime introduced its evil into my country and religion began to ride the wild horses of blood the Islamic guards started wholesale persecution, hanging from elderly to children age, stoning alive women, men, beheadings, imprisonments on a continuous base.


For these and more of the above reasons

Anjoman-e Padeshahi-e Iran has seized the opportunity to explain our country situation to you. For you who play centre forwards in the world policy team.


We believe that you will appreciate and have a full understanding of our plight.


With our own eyes we see everyday the Islamic henchmen putting the three quarters of a woman body into ground (Stoning), Whipping and Torturing our youth. These true episodes are few of million of similar extreme brutalities, which forced 7 million Iranians to leave their beloved country since 1979.

The blood thirsty Islamic Regime, lies, kills, tortures impales, rapes, beheads and abuses our youths and adults. They branded our old men, they made our children orphans, captured and branded them.



They gave the writers and liberal minded people to the sword of the executors and made our educated people exile in different parts of the world. They fanned the flames of destruction and with no logical reasons sent us to war. Killing millions of our youths in the field of war. They allowed tens of thousands of our compatriots to die by the hands of their executors inside their terrible jails.


Millions of Iranians are exiled throughout the world.


They have sullied the honoured and proud name of Iran and present our honourable nation as terrorists of the world. They allowed our Great Iran to be morally defeated.


They have contaminated our youth with the opium of their ideas and they built their places of power on the bodies of our best people.


They burned millions of dollars, the third world assets and gave money to the super powers and international terrorists as their wage for bringing them in power in Iran. They paid this amount of money through out buying the weapons of war.


They have killed, they still kill and they will continue to kill unless we unite to stop them. There is no pen man who can describe the full impact of harm which has come about by this evils, or is ready to write the full measures of harm and injuries to humanity and their rights which have been caused by this righteousness murderer regime and their co-operators.

The legacy left by this infernal regime to our nation is poverty, death of wealth- The death of fathers and the production of orphans. The death of husbands and the production of loneliness, homelessness. Exiles and many many others sentenced by injustice to jail or the innocent being hung.


The streets and cities of Iran are "painted" with the "blood" of innocent people.


We repeat once more again, unfortunately, the torture, the killing still continues today and the responsible countries are watching inattentive to this tragedy, failing to say a serious word and make a stand, following a policy of playing deaf and dumb believing in "no say no pay". With this silence the EU and some other countries are giving permission to the Islamic Regime to continue itís homicidal and international terrorism mission.


Your Majesty The Kings, The Queens, Right Honourable Presidents, Prime Ministers and other World Leaders, who are the clean blood in the pulse of mankind to rise and let us remove this inhuman regime from the body of Iran.


It is time to have a look at hundreds of Iranian writers and educated people in Islamic jails. It is time to rise and do something about millions of Iranians who fled from their own country because of the unjust Islamic Laws; Fatwa. This law will never change by changing on an Ayatollah or a similar Islamic leader, or whilst the Islamic Regime remains.


It is your time to stop supporting the terrorist regime of mullahs and we will remove this base of the world tragedy of terror which is destroying the humanity, by giving death sentences called Fatwa.


It is your time to feel responsibility as the Leaders of the World and understand the danger of this anti-mankind Regime in Iran. If this regime continues Iran will be the cause for a real Third World War, in turn, destroying the planet.


It is the time for EU to know that Iranian nation have decided to remove the malignancy, bloodthirsty Islamic Regime from the body of IRAN by its own people and power.


A Great country of culture is similar to the pulse of the human body and when a nation goes through a dark period and mother nature plays a cruel trick on humanity, nobody but its own people can be in such position to create the flame of liberation needed for the brightness of freedom


Finally, it is your time to have a look deeply to our following statements and be aware:


1- We know that we are able to remove the international

terrorism from the body of the world, as the world was

cleared from any terrorist before coming to power of

Islamic regime. They came to power by European Leaders

and Jimmy Carterís support. Therefore, we want you

to stop supporting this terrorist regime for good.


2- Anjoman-e Padeshahi-e Iran is seriously preparing to get

rid of the Islamic Regime or any kind of radical,

brutal, anti-human religious movement.


3- We want from EU to stop any deal or contract with Islamic

regime and accept to be in contact with the true Iranian

Nation and under the new Constitutional Law which is

prepared by Anjoman-e Padeshahi-e IRAN . (see attached)


4- Anjoman-e Padeshahi-e Iran will overthrow the Islamic

Regime, and in the process of removal, we reject any

support of EU, UK, Russia, USA or any other foreign

country to Islamic Regime of Mullahs.


5- We ask all Leaders of the World to read our new

Constitutional Book carefully. This is the base which will

build a new peaceful Iran, in combination with our Great

Culture used before the Islamic invasion to IRAN




6- We appreciate if some of the European Countries be aware

for all what we declared here in this declaration , and keep

in their minds that one drop of human being blood is

much more expensive than millions of gallons of petrol.


7- This is the Great wish of Iranian nation, to get back their

country from the Islamic Terrorist by "fist and bullet" as

they decided by the Referendum taken by Anjoman-e

Padeshahi-e Iran on itís TV broadcasts on the satellite



8- Russia Ė EU ; "Hands off" from IRAN and let us to get

our freedom as you have your freedom.


9- It is your time and your chance to compromise and we

will remove the Malignancy Of Islam from the body of



10- Without obstacles or with severe obstacles we will remove

The Islamic Regime and Restore a Parliamentary

Monarchy and a New Monarch Family will be introduced

to replace the former Prince. Our New Constitutional

Book will govern the future Iran.





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