The Return of Persian Empire!
One of the greatest victory in the history of ancient Iran

Dorood to King Shapour The First

Source:  Nushiravan Keihanizadeh, PhD, A Journalist and Historian

1,747 years ago on November 7 near Tisphone (Ctesiphon) one of the Capitals of Ancient Iran (today's Iraq), Shapour I (reign 241-271) second Sassanid king of Iran, declared Iran as the sole superpower on earth in front of Valerian( Publius Licinius Valerianus ) the captive Roman emperor and his generals in chains.  Valerian was the third Roman emperor who started war with Shapour I ,but which defeated decisively and captured. The capture of the Emperor Valerian by king Shapour has concluded a disastrous for Romans.    

This was not the first time Iran got this title. Since February (Bahman) of the year 599 BC, the Persian Empire enjoyed being the sole superpower several times.   

The Ashkanians (Aracids) dynasty, which had ruled Iran for more than four centuries (250BC-226AD) had been overthrown by Ardeshir, the son of Papak Sassani in an Iranian civil war.
Ardeshir from Pars (Fars) defeated Ardavan V (Artaban) at Hormozdigan (near the present-day Behbahan) in the year of 226AD.  Ardeshir who was a spiritual leader and the head of the Zoroastarian Southern Atashkadeh (the holy fire) blamed the Ardavanís government for spreading corruption across the country by his mismanagement.  Ardeshir, also a nationalist, won the civil war by his superior armored cavalry and the support of the Iranian people with the exception of the nobles.
Ardeshir moved to Ctesiphon, the capital city which was established by the Ashkanians on the Tigris and called himself the true descendant of Koorosh (Cyrus) the Great and Darius and the successor of the Acheamenid dynasty. Therefore, he made the Roman Empire very worried about the future. The senate of Rome found the empire facing a new Iranian nationalism and urged the emperor to go to war with Ardeshir before he consolidated his power. But the Roman Army was defeated by Ardeshir and lost all of the areas occupied from the last king of the Ashkannian dynasty.
The Roman casualties in the war of the year 238AD were 41,000 dead and 28,000 injured or captured.
After the death of Ardeshir, The Senate of Rome again urged the emperor to fight a new war with the new king (Shah) of Iran, Shapour I. But Gordian III (Gordianus) the Roman emperor was defeated by the Iranian Army in the year of 246AD after two years of war and Gordian III was assassinated by his own humiliated officers.
Phillip, the next emperor, paid Iranians 500,000 golden coins and bought the truce.
Soon after the declaration made by Shapour I that Iran is the sole superpower, he decided to send thousands of Roman prisoners of war to Kuzestan as workers to help build the Shadravan dam and the Shushtar bridge. Before Valerian died, Shapour I had the once proud Roman emperor kneel when he wished to mount his horse. Shapour would then place his foot on Valerianís neck and hoisted himself up into the saddle.
After this great victory, Shapour built a city near Kazeroon, which carried his name, Bishapour. He extended Iranian borders from the Indian and Mediterranean and Black seas, including Central Asia.

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