Terrorizing Ordinary People at their home!

November 11, 2007 - Special forces of Tazi Islamic Mullah terrorist occupiers of Iran continue to storm private residences at night terrorizing ordinary people and their family.  These barbaric Islamic terrorists know that the end is near for them and are trying to create an atmosphere of horror to kill any spirit of resistance.  

14 Centuries of occupation and destruction by Tazi Islamic Terrorist must come to end this year!

 True Iranians will no longer accept being occupied by Taziz and their barbaric beliefs!

True Iranians in Iran and all over the world are determined to liberate their homeland from 1427 years of lies, superstitious and slavery!

It is time for Iranians to Unite and Free IRAN!

Free IRAN means end to the world Terrorism

It is time for IRANIANS to be TRUE IRANIAN