The Greatest Iranian Teacher and Philosopher

Zartosht based his philosophy on

   Good Deeds         Good Thoughts        Good Words    

Zartosht (Zarathustra), the greatest Iranian teacher and philosopher was a messenger of peace, good life, and eternal loveZartosht never assumed prophethood or said that he had been missioned to bring any message from God to human beings.  He recognized his God on the basis of knowledge and wisdom.  Zartosht believed that there is some kind of intelligence (Ahura Mazda) working its way through nature and based his philosophy on Good Deeds, Good Thoughts and Good Words.  

He united ancient Iranians into a way of life that guided them to glorious time of prosperity and happiness for centuries (Persian Empire).  Zartosht was a great Iranian spiritual leader of profound and lasting significance. If only Iranians had adhered to Zartosht's principles “Good Thoughts, Good Words and Good Deeds”, Iran would have remained eternally prosperous and exalted."

Ancient Iranians never celebrated someone's birthday or death. They believed that everyone comes to this world and leaves one day. What mattered to them was that what someone did to make his or her life worthwhile!

Foundation of the ancient Iranian civilization is basis of the Iranian culture and life style

Dorood to Iran, Iranians and Farhange Iran

It's time for Iranians to be True Iranian!