Celebrate the Past to Awaken the Future!

Freedom Symbol

Derafsh-e Kaviani was first raised, according to legend, against the Satanic, evil dragon demon Zahak. In Iran's national epic, Shahnameh Ferdowsi, the demon has become an oppressive Arab ruler. Kaveh Ahangar, the blacksmith rallied the people against him, using his spear and leather apron to remake the ancient flag and lead the Iranian people to victory.

The flag of the Kings, Derafsh-e Kaviani remains an important motif in Iranian art and culture, although its meaning has been repressed by the current regime.  The rise of Derafsh-e Kaviani now is a call on Iranians to renew their pride in their ancient culture and to rise once more, as their ancestors rose against legendary demons and conquerors, to establish an Iranian nation that is truly free.

Derafsh-e Kaviani, ancient Iranian flag before Arab invasion is the most powerful symbol of Iranian history and culture.  If we stand behind this flag we shall free our homeland!



 Dorood to Kaveh Ahangar, a true Iranian national hero!

Take the path few have the courage to take!

" Being Iranian is defined by a state of mind, not by a place of residence, your language, your dialect, or even your genetic makeup or race"

It is time for Iranians to be true Iranian