Jashne Shabe Cheleh
Ancient Iranian Winter Celebration for more than 5000 years
30 Azar Maah 6372
Shahanshahi (Federalism)

Hakhamaneshian (Achaemenian) Dynasty - Persian Empire (600 - 330 BC)

Celebration of Nature and Season, the Longest Night of the Year
The beginning of Winter (solstice):
Sunday, December 21, 2008 - 04:04 AM

Jashne Shabe Cheleh is an ancient Iranian winter celebration and reflects the rich cultural heritage of Iran. Jashne Shabe Cheleh marks the beginning of the winter (solstice) and the longest night of the year. Jashne Shabe Cheleh is celebrated for 10 days every winter and is dedicated to a profound appreciation of nature and season. Jashne Shabe Cheleh commemorates triumph of knowledge over ignorance, light over darkness, goodness over evil, and the renewal of sun and joy. 

Shabe Cheleh in Persian language means "The first of forty (40) nights" and it marks the beginning of forty (40) nights before the next major Iranian celebration called “Jashne Sadeh”. Another name for Shabe Cheleh is Cheleh Bozorgeh (big Cheleh). Much like Iranian Norooz celebration that continues for 13 days and ends with Sizdeh-Bedar, Jashne Shabe Cheleh continues for 10 days and ends with another celebration called Cheleh Koochikeh (small Cheleh).  

Jashne Shabe Cheleh is a celebration of joy. Iranians around the world celebrate life, happiness, and family values, friendship and offer love and kindness to each other. Traditionally, Iranians decorate Shabe Cheleh holiday table with poetry books, flowers, candles, wine, fresh and dried fruits, nuts and seeds. Celebration of Shabe Cheleh includes gathering around fire with family and friends for a holiday feast and to read poetry until well after midnight.

Because Shabe Cheleh is the longest and darkest night of the year, it inspires feelings that are expressed in Persian poetry such as separation from a loved one, loneliness and waiting.  After which a transformation takes place, the waiting is over, light shines and goodness prevails.

“The sight of you each morning is a new year - Any night of your departure is the eve of Shabe Cheleh

 “With all my pains, there is still the hope of recovery - Like the eve of Shabe Cheleh, there will finally be an end”
Quotes from 13th century famous Persian poet Saadi Shirazi  

Hakhamaneshian (Achaemenian) Dynasty - Persian Empire (600 - 330 BC)

Happy Jashne Shabe Cheleh to all True Iranians around the world

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