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Dr. Frood Fouladvand and his Endeavour















     Wednesday, 18 May, 2005   5:40 AM (London time)

Operation Tondar - European Commission Headquarters

Brussels, Belgium

To support Operation Tondar (Thunder) in Iran, over 200 supporters of Anjomane Padeshahi Iran chained 151 of their automobiles together and blocked streets in front of European Commission Headquarters in Brussels, Belgium and demanded end to support of barbaric Islamic regime in Iran by EU Countries

Dorood to Dr. Frood Fouladvand, Anjoman's leader, teacher and the architect of this victorious operation

This well coordinated operation was commanded by an Iranian woman

Belgium police forcefully ended this peaceful operation by beating and arresting many supporters of Anjomane Padeshahi Iran

Belgium police had to use chain cutters separating automobiles and towing them away to reopen the streets  

 The world heard the true voice of Iranians









































Iran's Proposed Constitution

Operation Azarakhsh - Zaventem Airport - Brussels, Belgium





Operation Tondar - EU Commission Headquarters Brussels, Belgium





Operation Tondar - La Haye Court of Justice in Hague, Holland





British Forces (MI5) Attack - Arrest of Dr. Fouladvand and his Supporters (England)





  Daravishe Gonabadi - Qum, Iran





           Operation Tondar - Arc de Triomphe Monument - Paris, France






  Operation Tondar - Sivand Dam Destroyed - Shiraz, Iran





     Threat against Dr. Fouladvand - Metropolitan Police Service- London, England






      Dr. Fouladvand's Request for a Debate with Islamic Scholars of Iran





 Religious Edict or Fatwa against Dr. Fouladvand





"Oil Custom Play" in front of Blair's Office in  London, England