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Dr. Frood Fouladvand and his Endeavour











April 2005  9:00 AM (London time)

"Oil Custom Play" in front of Tony Blair's Office in London, England

It's all about Oil in the name of Democracy

Superpowers will do anything at any cost to get the resources they need! They will destroy countries, kill people and install puppet regimes in the name of democracy for their own benefits 

In the one of the most revealing operation, supporters of Anjomane Padeshahi Iran (API) staged a custom play in the street front of Tony Blair's Office in London, England showing the relationship between UK, USA and Iran.  The scenes in the custom play presented Tony Blair and x-President of Iran, mullah Khatami holding hands hugging each other and kissing oil barrels next to the picture of innocent people being hanged in Iran.  In another scene they participated in stoning Iranian woman while watching a picture of real stoning in Iran  

The leaders in the play were happy celebrating their successful plot against Iranian for a time being but unaware of  the historical and symbolic flag named Derafshe Kaviani, the last Iranian flag before the 6th century Moslem invasion which was raised in the background to warn these barbaric mullahs and those who support them that the end is near for this barbaric puppet Islamic regime


Dorood to Dr. Frood Fouladvand, API leader, teacher and the architect of this victorious operation

The world heard the true voice of Iranians









































Iran's Proposed Constitution

Operation Azarakhsh - Zaventem Airport - Brussels, Belgium





Operation Tondar - EU Commission Headquarters Brussels, Belgium





Operation Tondar - La Haye Court of Justice in Hague, Holland





British Forces (MI5) Attack - Arrest of Dr. Fouladvand and his Supporters (England)





  Daravishe Gonabadi - Qum, Iran





           Operation Tondar - Arc de Triomphe Monument - Paris, France






  Operation Tondar - Sivand Dam Destroyed - Shiraz, Iran





     Threat against Dr. Fouladvand - Metropolitan Police Service- London, England






      Dr. Fouladvand's Request for a Debate with Islamic Scholars of Iran





 Religious Edict or Fatwa against Dr. Fouladvand





"Oil Custom Play" in front of Blair's Office in  London, England