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     Monday February 13, 2006   3:53 AM (London time)

Daravishe Gonabadi

Qum, Iran

In an unprecedented crackdown, the barbaric Islamic regime in the Iranian city of Qom (120 km south of Tehran) fired teargas to disperse supporters of Anjomane Padeshahi Iran known as Daravishe Gonabadi and those who had gathered to support them. The fighting erupted after Daravish refused to evacuate a suburban house where they had been listening to Dr. Fouladvandís CDs exposing Quran and its content and were distributing copies to others 

More than ever before, people of Iran are running away from a totalitarian interpretation of this barbaric religion  

The barbaric Islamic regime arrested over 2,000 people and injured more than 350 people 

Following the clashes, they demolished the house used by Daravish as well as the homes of two leaders of this group

Dr. Fouladvand's voice will be heard forever!









































Iran's Proposed Constitution

Operation Azarakhsh - Zaventem Airport - Brussels, Belgium





Operation Tondar - EU Commission Headquarters Brussels, Belgium





Operation Tondar - La Haye Court of Justice in Hague, Holland





British Forces (MI5) Attack - Arrest of Dr. Fouladvand and his Supporters (England)





  Daravishe Gonabadi - Qum, Iran





           Operation Tondar - Arc de Triomphe Monument - Paris, France






  Operation Tondar - Sivand Dam Destroyed - Shiraz, Iran





     Threat against Dr. Fouladvand - Metropolitan Police Service- London, England






      Dr. Fouladvand's Request for a Debate with Islamic Scholars of Iran





 Religious Edict or Fatwa against Dr. Fouladvand





"Oil Custom Play" in front of Blair's Office in  London, England