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  Tuesday June 13, 2006   3:00 PM (London time)

Operation Tondar - Arc de Triomphe Monument

Paris, France

To continue supporting Operation Tondar (Thunder) in Iran, supporters of the Anjoman Padeshahi Iran (API) ascended to the top of Paris’ 165 feet tall Arc de Triomphe monument with the intention of informing the world of their cause and the plight of the people of Iran



  In this, the latest operation, the message was intended for the governments of Russia and China.  On a banner unfurled from the top of the monument these States were warned to stop supporting the Islamic Republic; that Iran, rich in natural resources, has no need for the worthless imports from Russia and China; that Iranians do not want a second Chernobyl on their soil

 Next to the banner, the supporters also placed the historical and symbolic flag named Derafshe Kaviani, the last Iranian flag before the 6th century Moslem invasion.  This was perhaps the first time that this flag has been seen at such heights in the World and French capital

 The operation continued for 34 hours and ended peacefully when French police agreed to supporters' demands 

Dorood to Dr. Frood Fouladvand, API leader, teacher and the architect of this victorious operation

The world heard the true voice of Iranians

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